Medical Legal (Tort) Psychological Assessment

Assessment comprises in-depth clinical interview, review of all medical/file documentation, and extensive psychological testing. A comprehensive report is prepared addressing diagnosis, level of psychological disability, and on a balance of probabilities basis, causality, future treatment needs and whether impairments are permanent and serious.

Psychovocational Assessment

Our comprehensive psychovocational assessment includes complete review of all medical/file documentation and not only measures aptitudes, skills and interests using standardized objective testing but also includes full psychological testing/assessment. A detailed report of results is prepared identifying physical, psychological and cognitive functioning (including psychological diagnoses) culminating in Vocational Formulation reconciling test results with opinions in the medical record. On a balance of probabilities basis, an expert opinion is rendered regarding the probability of employment at the clients own occupation, or failing that at an alternate occupation (including potential for re-training).

Neuropsychological Assessment

Our Neuropsychological Assessment involves complete and extensive neurocognitive testing as well as a full psychological assessment and is designed to address the factor that can affect cognition including traumatic brain injury (TBI), pain, fatigue or emotionality or a combination of these factors. Specific diagnoses are provided and on a balance of probabilities basis, issues such as level of disability and future treatment needs are addressed.

We have extensive experience testifying as expert witnesses at arbitrations and in the courts